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  • Side-Fired Keepsake Vessel 3

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       This series of Side-fired Keepsake Vessels turned out pretty awesome.

       The vessel was thrown on the wheel, and then a deep sitting lid to match. A foot was hand carved and considerable finishing work done to the lid as well.

       I fired these containers on their sides propped up on a stand with 3 posts. Each post was capped with a shell to leave a shell print in the glaze which did not work out this time, but the results are desirable nonetheless.

       Glass frit was piled on the top side of the jar so as to drip around and off the other side into a pre-fashioned tray. The Crackle on this Nebula Glass is Beautiful. On the edges it flares White and Blue.

       She Stands 4.5" tall and measures 3.5" wide.

       Signed "njk".