clay & table

   My name is Nicholas John Kesler. 

    I threw my first pot as a senior at Farragut High School in Knoxville, Tennessee and was hooked. Thanks Wendie Love! 
   At Taylor University in Upland, Indiana I was mentored by Craig Moore through whom I was able to spend countless hours at the potters' wheel. Thanks Craig Moore! I don't think I ever took a wheel throwing class, but I cut my chops for a few years. I constantly fired up the raku kiln and blew through so much propane.
   My son Rhett was born in 2007, and I took some time away from clay until 2009 or so when my father Bruce and I built a wheel together. We took a motor my friend Dave Grant gave me from a tool and die shop in Marion, Indiana and used the 4 generations of cabinet making experience to fabricate a wooden structure to hold all the parts. Thanks Papa Bones!
   None of this would be possible without my lovely wife Laura, for she kicked the ferrets out and let me turn the front porch into a studio in Hammond, Indiana. Then I took over most of the Burlap Bungalow with Pottery and woodworking Things. Thanks my darling bride!
  Back in Indiana, George Tessman of GTglassworks is my wife's uncle. He took one look at my kiln and decided I should use one of his kilns instead. Thanks George!

Now we live in Lakewood, WA.